Small Electric Cargo Car – 3 Truths You Didn’t Know About

As the world gradually begins to look for more sustainable sources of energy, vehicles such as small electric cargo cars are now in higher demand than ever before.

Businesses, in particular, are doing their part to be more environmentally friendly and because of this, electric vehicles such as the ECARMAS small electric cargo car are used in more work-related settings than ever before.

ECARMAS is leading the way when it comes to small, battery-powered electric vehicles. Their customers in Sydney, Australia for example, use their vehicles in zoos, stadiums, and parks. You’ll also find their electric cargo cars in Berlin, Germany, where they’re utilized to great effect. Even airports across Canada, in cities such as Toronto, are benefitting from these amazing engineering feats.

As amazing as these compact battery-operated vehicles can be, however, upgrading to them from older models can be a fairly complex affair. If you’re looking at investing in ECARMAS electric vehicles for your business, here are 3 truths you didn’t know about owning a small electric cargo car.

Range anxiety can be a real thing


As great as EVs are, some less efficient models do suffer from a very limited range.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a small electric cargo car, make sure you familiarize yourself with the range first. Some people do worry about how far their vehicle can travel before it loses charge. This is known as range anxiety. Basically, it is a constant feeling of worry that your EV (electric vehicle) could run out of power.

Gasoline or diesel vehicles have backup fuel tanks whereas electric vehicles have no backup energy supply as yet. Basically, once the battery dies and the vehicle is out of range, that’s it.

The good news is that electric cargo cars do have a very impressive range, but you will need to keep an eye on the vehicle’s battery charge, and the distance traveled if you plan on making a long journey.

Cold weather can affect small electric cargo car batteries

Ever noticed how the battery on your phone tends to drain quicker in cold weather and take longer to charge? Well, unfortunately, cold weather can indeed affect the battery of small electric cargo cars and other electric vehicles.

Customers in countries with freezing cold winters such as Canada for example, may find that the battery loses charge quicker in the winter, or takes longer to charge at the very least.

If you live in a country that gets very cold in the winter, make sure you take this into consideration.

Electric cargo cars are very quiet

Before you buy a new EV, you need to be aware that they are very quiet when in use.

Operating a quiet vehicle is generally beneficial as it is less invasive and provides far less noise pollution as well. There are some downsides to be aware of as well. Because these vehicles are so quiet, there are safety risks as pedestrians may not hear them as well as they would with diesel or gasoline vehicles.

As long as you drive your new small electric cargo car sensibly, it will be just as safe as any other vehicle on the road.

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