No matter where you’re from, there will always be the need for some form of police force.

To help uphold the law, these police officers often need transport, in the form of a battery-powered police buggy.

Not only are these vehicles small and compact, but they can also be used on different surfaces.

As demand for electric police buggies grows, companies such as ECARMAS are constantly innovating and finding new ways to make an already great product even better. You’ll find ECARMAS battery-powered police buggy vehicles in a huge selection of developed countries, including Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

ECARMAS has been providing top-of-the-line electric buggies to officers in Barcelona, Hamburg, and Leiden, amongst others. Here, their electric police buggies are a common sight on streets in these cities and towns, as well as in more rural areas too.

If you’re looking to add a new EV to your fleet, here are several tips on owning a battery-powered police buggy from industry experts.

Make sure your battery is fully charged

This sounds like it should be obvious, but you’d be surprised by the amount of battery-powered buggy owners out there who forget to charge their vehicles when they get back.

For regular buggy owners, having the vehicle lose charge when out and about is an inconvenience. For police officers, however, it could be very serious. The last thing you want is for a suspect to get away because your battery-powered police buggy has lost its charge in the middle of your shift.

As soon as you return from patrol, place your buggy on charge. Before you operate the vehicle, make sure you check the battery is charged.

Be mindful of members of the public


One of the best things about owning a battery-powered electric buggy is the fact that it’s so quiet.

EVs (electric vehicles) are a lot quieter than diesel/gasoline vehicles and there are concerns over their safety because of this.

Despite a battery-powered police buggy being quieter and less invasive in terms of noise pollution, this does mean you will need to be mindful of the public. If you’re driving your buggy fast, I.E to attend a call or in pursuit, members of the public may not hear you as well so be mindful of this.

Get into the habit of checking your battery regularly

When you operate your buggy, make sure you check the battery. While you’re out in the buggy, keep an eye on the battery’s charge. As soon as you return, check how much power you’ve used, and don’t forget to place it on charge.

The more you check the battery charge, the sooner it will become a habit which means that you’ll be less likely to run out of charge at a crucial time.

The weather can affect the battery on your battery-powered police buggy

If you want to get more from your buggy, be mindful of very cold weather.

Cold weather, in particular, can drain the battery on your vehicle quicker and will take it longer to charge.

An ECARMAS battery-powered police buggy is a common sight on the streets of warm countries such as Spain and Portugal, but they’re less common in colder countries for this reason.

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