Once you’ve made the decision to invest in an electric vehicle, such as a battery-powered shuttle tram, your next decision is going to be who to buy from. With so many EV suppliers out there, finding a reputable and trustworthy dealer is essential.

Electric shuttle trams and other similar vehicles are used all over the globe, in a variety of different settings. Buying from reputable and professional businesses such as ECARMAS can make all the difference.

ECARMAS battery-powered shuttle tram vehicles are found in countries such as Switzerland, France, and Canada. You’ll find them in zoos in Ottawa, and our customers in Bern and Lyon just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular and common, and as a result of this, we’re seeing more and more companies providing shuttle tram vehicles to businesses all over the globe. Sadly, not all of these suppliers are reliable.

Here are 4 tips to find the best battery-powered shuttle tram suppliers.

Read reviews

One of the best things you can do when you’re on the hunt for a new electric vehicle is to read reviews left by other people.

If you come across a battery-powered shuttle tram supplier online that you like the look of, one of the first things you should do before you commit to buying from them is to read reviews.

Look online on their website, on social media pages, on Google, and on sites like Trustworthy and see if they have reviews left by previous customers. If they do, read several and get an idea of what most customers seem to think. If you can see there are hundreds of positive reviews and only a few negative ones, that’s certainly a good start.

Suppliers such as ECARMAS for example, have numerous positive reviews and countless very happy customers all over the globe.

Look for battery-powered shuttle tram suppliers with experience

Another very important tip when you’re searching for a new electric vehicle supplier is to find suppliers with a lot of experience.

Be wary of companies with no previous experience in the electric vehicle industry.

Ideally, you want a battery-powered shuttle tram supplier with a great deal of experience in the industry. Despite electric vehicles being relatively new, companies such as ECARMAS have years of experience in this specific field behind them. This makes them the perfect choice when buying a new EV.

Speak to the suppliers and ask questions

Buying a battery-powered vehicle is a big commitment and is hardly going to be cheap. To ensure you’re getting the best value for your money, speak to the suppliers before you buy.

Before you purchase your new battery-powered shuttle tram, speak to the suppliers and ask them a series of questions about the vehicle. Ask about the battery’s life, your charging options, costs to charge the battery, the vehicle’s range, maintenance, guarantees, and anything else which may be useful.

Go with your gut instinct

Finally, once you’re happy you’re ready to commit to a new electric vehicle, go with your gut instinct after asking the necessary questions.

After reading reviews, asking questions, and reading up on electric vehicles, if you find a battery-powered shuttle tram supplier that you like the look and sound of, follow your gut instinct as it will rarely let you down.

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