If used correctly, battery-powered shuttle buggies can offer customers and businesses a wide range of advantages.

ECARMAS battery-powered shuttle buggies, for example, are fantastic when used in the tourist trade. Many of their customers, in fact, are based in countries that rely heavily on tourism, Spain and Italy being prime examples. Their shuttle buggies, however, are also popular in specific business settings such as zoos, theme parks, and resorts.

ECARMAS battery-powered shuttle buggies can be found in Ski resorts near Bern, Switzerland, as well as hotel resorts in Costa Brava, and tourist attractions in Lisbon.

As beneficial as ECARMAS electric vehicles are, it’s important to use them correctly. To help you do precisely that, here are 5 battery-powered shuttle buggie tips.

Try to charge your battery-powered shuttle buggies in off-peak hours


In order for your shuttle buggies to shuttle your passengers from A to B, they will need electricity to charge the battery. Electricity of course costs money, and the more you use the more you’ll spend.

A great way to help keep charging costs low is to charge your battery-powered shuttle buggies during off-peak hours when energy tariffs are often at a reduced rate.

Plan your routes in advance


Another useful tip when operating battery-powered shuttle buggies is to plan your routes in advance.

Once you’ve picked up your passengers, rather than setting off to your destination blindly, choosing which route to travel as you go, instead plan your routes in advance. By doing this, you can choose the best route to conserve battery charge.

Remember to factor in extra weight

The idea behind battery-powered shuttle buggies is of course to carry passengers, but even so, make sure you factor the extra weight in when it comes to range and energy usage.

The more passengers you carry, the heavier the buggy will be which means the more energy it will use. Just be aware that a shuttle buggy completely full of passengers is going to lose power and need recharging quicker than a shuttle bus with just a few passengers.

Just because you can travel X miles and use say, 10% of your battery’s charge with a half-full vehicle does not mean that travelling the same amount of miles with a completely full vehicle will also use 10% of your battery’s charge.

Make sure you check your vehicle’s tyres regularly


Even though EVs are far more reliable than older vehicles, they still need maintenance.

To ensure your shuttle bus operates at its most efficient, make sure your tyre pressure is where it needs to be. If you have low tyre pressure, your range will be reduced because rolling resistance will have increased.

Go easy on the accelerator


Electric vehicles can be very quick to accelerate. While fast acceleration can be useful, in terms of your battery charge and range, the more you accelerate the quicker your battery will drain.

To help you increase the battery-powered shuttle buggie range, make sure you go easy on that accelerator. You should only accelerate if you really need to.

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