Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a sharp rise in the amounts of countries using low-speed electric police buggies.

As you are no doubt aware, more and more countries are committing to green energy sources. As a result of this, we’re seeing more and more electric vehicles on our roads.

It isn’t just electric cars that we’re seeing an increase in either. Low-speed electric vehicles such as ECARMAS low-speed electric police buggies, are proving to be hugely effective for tackling crime and keeping the peace.

Low-speed electric vehicles offer a wide range of advantages to those that operate them, including law enforcement agencies. ECARMAS electric police buggies, for example, are utilized all over the globe, in countries like Spain, Italy, and Germany. You’ll find them in cities such as Valencia, Sorento, and Hamburg, to name just a few.

Here’s a look at 5 key benefits of low-speed electric police buggies.

Low-Speed electric police buggies offer reduced noise levels

One of the main reasons why low-speed vehicles are currently so highly sought after is due to the fact that they’re so quiet to operate.

From a law enforcement perspective, operating a quiet vehicle can be hugely beneficial to law enforcement officials. Because electric police buggies are so quiet, this can give the police officers operating them an advantage. By being quieter, the police officers can remain incognito and will have the element of surprise when chasing suspects.

When driving an electric buggy, rather than hearing a loud roar from a diesel or gasoline engine, you instead get a small hum from the electric motor. If you’re on the way to intercept a suspect and you don’t wish to alert them to your presence, having a quiet electric motor can be incredibly beneficial.

Not only that but as the vehicles are much quieter to operate, this reduces noise pollution and helps to prevent disruption to the public.

ECARMAS low-speed electric police buggies offer instant mobility and extremely quiet electric motors, making them ideal for law enforcement purposes.

Can be used indoors

Another reason why so many law enforcement agencies worldwide are starting to use low-speed electric buggies and vehicles is due to the fact they can be used indoors.

For starters, these vehicles are more compact than a lot of other vehicles. Straight away that provides an advantage in terms of maneuverability and means the vehicles can potentially be used in some indoor settings.

The fact that these electric police vehicles can be used indoors is very useful for numerous reasons. Not only does this allow the police to operate them indoors in large open spaces such as malls, factory floors, or stadiums, but it also minimizes the health risks too.

Because the buggies are electric, you don’t need to worry about smoke and exhaust fumes like you’d get with a non-electric vehicle. This makes them ideal for use in indoor settings.

Ideal for use off-road


As you’ve seen so far, low-speed electric buggies offer law enforcement officials a wide range of benefits. Not only are they small, quiet, and maneuverable, but they’re also great for use off-road.

These buggies are fantastic when used in an off-road setting. Don’t let their small size or quiet motor fool you, these machines offer some serious torque virtually instantly. Because of the simplicity of the motor, you put your foot down and the buggy accelerates straight away. This enables you to access all of the vehicle’s torque much quicker than you would with a standard internal combustion engine.

The reason low-speed electric police buggies are so useful is because they work so well off-road. These machines are designed to be driven on uneven surfaces as well as roads and paths. They’re equipped with powerful motors, thick and grippy tires, and countless other features that make them ideal when used in an off-road setting.

If for example, you’re pursuing a suspect and they happen to leave the road and flee across a field or muddy path, the buggy can easily withstand uneven, off-road terrain and offer maximum performance in the process. Sure, they’re low-speed vehicles so they don’t reach high speeds, but off-road, up to 25mph is still incredibly impressive.

Electric buggies require less maintenance

If you’re familiar with regular cars and vehicles equipped with a traditional internal combustion engine, you’ll know how much maintenance they require. Low-speed electric police vehicles, however, require far less.

Low-speed electric buggies, including those used by police all across the globe, require far less maintenance and servicing than vehicles fitted with an internal combustion engine running on diesel or gasoline/petrol.

Electric police buggies are fairly simple in design. They have far fewer parts than traditional vehicles which means that there is less to go wrong. They also require less maintenance, which will help save time and money.

With a low-speed electric buggy, you don’t need to worry about oil changes, changing your spark plug, clearing out your DPF filter, and so on.

Law enforcement agencies have costs and overheads like any other business, and keeping costs down is essential. Not only that, but less maintenance means more vehicles out patrolling, which means that the streets become that little bit safer.

Better for the environment

Finally, the last reason why electric low-speed police buggies could be so beneficial is the fact that they’re better for the environment.

Electric buggies provide no exhaust emissions which means that they produce far less pollution than standard vehicles. This is great not only because they can be used indoors, but also because it means that they’re better for our planet.

If you’re looking to add more low-speed vehicles to your patrol fleet, ECARMAS low-speed electric police buggies are perfect. Offering law enforcement benefits, economic benefits, and eco-friendly benefits, they’re used in countries all over the globe, and it’s easy to see why.

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