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There are thousands of incredible resorts all around the world, and many of them cover a large ground area. Moving guests from the lobby to their room is made easier with the assistance of electric resort cars.

Some resorts rely on gasoline powered cars and other vehicles, such as buses to get their guests where they want to go, but electric resort cars truly are the way to go. Not only will guests be more impressed with these vehicles, they can provide value in the form of cost-savings and environmental considerations.

Below are just 5 reasons to consider electric resort cars for any resort or other similar facility. Some might consider these secrets, but the ‘secret’ is getting out.

1. These cars are quiet.

Relying on electricity to get around allows these resort cars to be almost completely silent when running. They shut completely down when stopped and when accelerating it’s barely more than a whisper. That provides comfort and respect to guests who prefer to remain surrounded by the natural sounds of the resort.

2. Electric resort cars save money.

When operating gas-powered vehicles, they constantly need to be refueled and with the rising cost of gas and diesel, that becomes a great liability year after year. Because these cars run on electric, it requires minimal power to charge them up and they’re ready to go when needed.

3. Resort cars come in a variety of designs.

While one resort may prefer the staid look of elegance and tradition, another may prefer more modern and contemporary design. Having a car that blends in and helps guests feel as special as they are is a great asset. Ecarmas International electric resort cars, for example, can be designed to look like a Rolls Royce, classic Ford, or some other model.

4. Easy in-easy out.

For guests who prefer to be driven to the dining hall, over to the golf links, down to the pool, or even to the spa, relying on an electric cart means it’s easy to slip in and out. There’s no need for doors, harnesses, or complicated mechanisms; quick in, quick out.

5. A more affordable option.

While maintenance alone can provide a hefty bill to a resort that relies on traditional cars, buses, and other forms of transportation, electric resort cars require little maintenance and are a far more affordable option.

With all of these benefits (secrets), any resort would be making a great decision for their bottom line, and their valued guests, by choosing these electric resort cars for transportation needs on their property. To choose the best of your resort cars, kindly visit ECARMAS right now!

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