If you’re in the market for a new low-speed electric vehicle, there are a few things you will need to consider before buying. Over the last decade or so, we’ve seen a sharp rise in electric vehicle sales. As these vehicles increase in popularity, so too does the demand for them.

With so many benefits associated with owning a low-speed electric vehicle, it’s easy to see why manufacturers such as ECARMAS are in such high demand.

Compact low-speed electric vehicles used to mainly be found in places like golf courses and airports. These days, you’ll find them in towns and cities in countries all over the world. In particular, countries that rely on the tourism trade, have benefitted hugely from ECARMAS electric vehicles.

For example, you’ll find their vehicles in hotel resorts in countries like Spain, France, and Portugal. Due to their compact size and simple operation, they’re ideal for use in resorts in places such as Alicante, Madeira, and Nice. They’re often used to offer private tours of places with narrow roads and scenic views.

If you’re thinking of downsizing and going electric, here are 5 things to consider before you buy a low-speed electric vehicle.

The operating range of the vehicle

If you’re looking to purchase an electric vehicle, make sure you consider the operating range first.

With an EV try to think about how much distance you plan on traveling each day. Once you have a rough idea, ask yourself whether the distance the vehicle can travel per charge will be sufficient.

Obviously, with a low-speed electric vehicle, you likely won’t be covering the same types of distances as electric cars, but even so, you still need to make sure that the vehicle’s battery won’t run out of charge on you.

Before you purchase an EV, once you’ve seen a model you like the look of, do some research and find out what sort of distance the vehicle can cover with every charge. If you’re worried it might not be enough for the types of journeys you plan on making with the vehicle, you may wish to look for a model that offers more range.

Low-speed electric vehicle charging options

Another thing to consider before buying an EV is how you will be charging the vehicle up.

Unlike diesel/gasoline/petrol vehicles, there is no reserve fuel source for an electric vehicle. Once your vehicle’s battery loses charge, that’s it, you won’t be able to move the car until it is charged.

Keeping your vehicle’s battery charged, therefore, is essential, so you need to know your charging options. Whereas virtually all electric vehicles allow them to be charged from a regular household socket and mains electricity, just be aware that planning may be required. You may even need to have a special charging station installed at your home or place of work.

Some EVs also allow for more powerful charging stations to be installed. These charge the vehicles much faster, though obviously there will be additional costs to factor in. These charging stations will need to be installed by a certified professional, but they can charge the vehicles much faster.

Just be aware that your vehicle may require a top-up charge when you’re using it so take that into consideration. You also need to ensure you have charging options available, should you need them.

The size of the vehicle

The great thing about owning an ECARMAS low-speed electric vehicle is the fact that, because these vehicles are much smaller and more compact than a regular-sized cars, they’re a lot more practical and convenient in a lot of ways.

You’ll find ECARMAS electric buggies and low-speed vehicles in places like golf clubs, hotel resorts, airports, malls, parks, stadiums, and cities, largely because they’re so small and compact.

If you’re planning on investing in a low-speed electric buggy, taking the size of the vehicle into consideration beforehand is very important. Some people require small buggies for use in compact spaces where there are a lot of people around. Others may require larger vehicles in more open spaces.

Before you commit to buying an electric buggy or low speed EV, make sure you find out the size of the vehicle and determine whether it will be large or small enough for where you plan on operating it.

Electricity prices

Despite electric vehicles being considerably cheaper to run than regular vehicles, you still need to consider electricity prices before buying.

Before you get in contact with ECARMAS and enquire about the many low-speed electric vehicle options they have available, don’t forget to consider electricity prices.

Historically, energy prices have always fluctuated, so just remember that the price to charge your vehicle will vary. The good news is that low-speed EVs require less energy than larger electric vehicles so charging one will cost less.

The price

Finally, the last thing to consider before you decide to invest in an electric low-speed vehicle is the overall price.

Before you commit to buying, set yourself a budget and do some research. Try to get a rough idea of how much electric vehicles that fit your criteria, typically cost. This doesn’t need to be an exact figure, just a rough one to give you a general idea of what it will cost.

to get a rough idea of how much electric vehicles you like the look of, typically cost.

Prices do of course vary, which is why you should shop around and go with a trusted manufacturer. An ECARMAS low-speed electric vehicle, for example, will be priced fairly and competitively, and as it comes from a trusted company you know you’re getting the best deal possible.

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