If you’re looking to add new electric vehicles to your fleet at work, an electric shuttle car could make the perfect addition.

For businesses that require vehicles that get from A to B, in today’s economic climate it’s certainly worth considering going electric. Electric shuttle vehicles for example, are proving very popular in more and more developed countries all over the globe. And with companies like ECARMAS offering such high quality vehicles, we can certainly understand why that is.

ECARMAS electric shuttle vehicles are used in places like airports in countries all over the globe. Australia, the Netherlands, and Canada for example, have invested a lot of money into electric vehicles. You’ll find electric shuttle vehicles in airports in cities such as Sydney, Amsterdam, Winnipeg, and many others around the world.

If your business requires the use of a shuttle vehicle, an electric shuttle car could be perfect. Before you begin your search for a new shuttle vehicle, here are some useful tips.

Choose one with enough seating options

The entire purpose of a shuttle vehicle is to take passengers from one location to another.

Typically, you’ll find shuttle cars and buses in airports, at stadiums, or in busy towns and cities. They’re designed to quickly transport people relatively short distances, where it would likely take too long by foot.

If your business is on the lookout for a new shuttle car, electric shuttle cars are perfect. Before you decide to buy however, make sure you consider the seating options. Some businesses require shuttle cars for 4 or 5 people at a time, whereas others require cars that can transport 20 or more people at once. If your business needs an electric shuttle car that can seat a large volume of passengers at once, make sure you factor this in before buying.

ECARMAS electric shuttle vehicles come in a variety of sizes and designs, with different seating options to choose from. Before you commit to buying, make sure you look at the different seating options which are available.

Know the battery range

Another top tip when buying an electric shuttle car is to familiarize yourself with the battery range.

If you’re using your electric shuttle vehicle for business purposes the last thing you want is for the battery to lose charge when the vehicle is full of passengers. Not only is this an inconvenience, it doesn’t look professional either.

Before you buy an electric shuttle vehicle therefore, make sure you know how long one battery charge will last, and what kind of range you will get.

Even though the shuttle vehicle may only be required for short distances, you’d be amazed by how quickly the miles can build up. Once you know what sort of range the battery on your chosen electric shuttle vehicle will provide, you can then figure out charging times etc.

Be wary of buying a used electric shuttle car


Another tip for anybody looking to invest in an electric shuttle vehicle is to be wary of pre-owned shuttle vehicles.

Whereas there are plenty of fantastic deals to be had when buying a shuttle car, just be aware that when buying used, you don’t get the same consumer protection as you would if you were buying brand-new.

If your shuttle vehicle will be used by the public, it will need to be safe and functional. The last thing you want is a lawsuit on your hands because a passenger was injured as a result of a poorly maintained electric shuttle vehicle that you purchased used.

This is not to say that all used electric shuttle vehicles will be in poor condition because they won’t. From a health and safety and business perspective however, it makes far more sense to go with a brand new shuttle, such as the ones available via ECARMAS.

Have plenty of charging options


If you’re thinking of purchasing an electric shuttle bus or car, or multiple shuttle vehicles for business use, charging should be at the forefront of your mind.

As these are electric vehicles, like any other electric devices running from a battery, they will need to be charged up. If your electric shuttle vehicles are required to make multiple journeys a day, even if they are short journeys, the power will quickly drain, and they will need charging as soon as possible.

For business use, you’ll need to get your shuttle vehicles charged quickly, so charging from the mains won’t be an option. You can however, more powerful charging stations installed at your business premises, but these will cost more. Not only are they costly, they’ll need installing by a qualified professional, and they will of course need a power source.

Before you purchase an electric shuttle car, find out which charging station it will require and whether or not you can have one installed on your premises.

If you plan on having a fleet of electric shuttle vehicles, you’ll need multiple charging stations so again, make sure this is feasible before you buy the shuttle cars or buses.

Always buy from a reputable company

Finally, if you are on the market for a shuttle vehicle for business use, and you’ve decided that electric is the way to go, make sure you buy from a trusted company.

ECARMAS for example, have clients all over the globe, and are expanding every single year. They’re a highly professional company with years of experience, and all of the necessary qualifications and certifications to provide you with an electric vehicle you can trust.

When buying an electric shuttle car, make sure you buy from a trusted company. Buying from a reputable company means you’ll get a premium quality vehicle for a fair price. It also offers you peace of mind. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, you can relax as you know it will be resolved professionally.

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