Maintain your electric buggy is coming to the topic as your electric buggies and low-speed automobiles are the new chics. These electric buggies are a beneficial and more convenient way for mobility. If you use these vehicles for shopping, golfing, or any personal use, you should know how to maintain them as well! In the next section, we’re going to go over four steps that will guide you on how to maintain your electric buggy.

Step One: Keep Your Electric Buggy Clean

If you care for anything you make sure to keep a regular check on it. The same goes for your electric buggy. The filth, dirt, and wet mud on your electric buggy’s surface or even in tires can be the reason to reduce its longevity.

You can stop this from happening. But how?

Make a routine to get your electric buggy serviced. If you see any problem with the engine or with its appearance of it, don’t delay it. Remove the dirt off the surface of your vehicle. And then add light soap and water to thoroughly clean it. Don’t forget to clean your tires and the insides of your buggy.

Cleaning Suggestions

To maintain your electric buggy it is important to check its condition. This way you can improve its performance and longevity. Go over the tips we collected for you to keep your buggy in excellent working order.

Selecting The Right Tools:

It is necessary that you know the right cleaning materials while you clean your vehicle. Keep the strong detergents away from your vehicle’s electrical parts. This way you will not damage anything crucial to your buggy.

Never Overlook the Undercarriage:

Your electric buggy’s underside can get sand, filth, and other contaminants. To prevent harm to the buggy’s parts, clean this region.

Maintain the Wheels and Rubber:

Debris and filth can collect on the wheels of your buggy, affecting their handling and durability. Scrub the dirt from your tires with a brush. Dip it in the solution of water and detergent and dust away the filth. Make sure you test the tire pressure after it to keep things in check.

Dry Your Vehicle:

Now that you are done with the main part, you may end the process with this simple step. Dry your buggy with a cloth, applying little pressure as you sweep away the water. Make sure you cover all the areas.

By drying it with a cloth, you are making sure you don’t have water lines on your buggy’s surface. Now you have a good-looking buggy right in front of you!

Cleaning is not just about the looks but also about maintaining the pristine condition. So don’t clean your vehicle for appearance only but also for its use of it.

This way you can also maintain your electric buggy all by yourself!

ECARMAS understands your requirements and has developed the buggy with your comfort in mind. Even countries like France, Belgium, Canada, and Australia put their trust in this company. With over 18 years of persistent work, this firm is your best bet for getting the greatest electric buggy to flex with your pals.

Step 2: Inspect The Power Source Of Your Electric Buggy

Don’t forget to assess or look for the condition of your battery. It is the reason your buggy is running smoothly.

Charge your battery before getting on the buggy. Depending on the buggy and its battery kind, the buggy should go up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. There is less chance that you’ll get stuck while moving around your hotel or a zoo!

You’re halfway through our guide on how you can maintain your electric buggy.

Battery Types for Electric Buggys

The powerhouse of your electric buggy is the battery that operates it. Just like anything, you have options for your battery too. Every battery has its own pros and cons.

Electric buggies mostly have a lead-acid battery. There are many reasons why companies use this battery. One of which is affordability. These are your go-to batteries, if you have a decent budget and want the most out of them.

It’s the perfect blend of storage and energy. But it or not, you just need to charge it every six months if it’s not in use. This way you can have a working battery even if it’s just in your store room.

When used, it requires routine maintenance as well.  By that, it means fueling up the electrolytes solution and checking the airflow while charging. The only con is that it has more weight and a shorter shelf life.

A different kind of battery utilized in buggies is lithium-ion. They outperform batteries made with lead-acid in various ways, notably extended lifespan, lower weight, and quicker charging periods.

Lithium-ion batteries are less prone to sulfation. This happens when the sulfur crystals happen to stick to the cell’s surface. The outcome is that it reduces capacity. Another disadvantage is that they are more expensive.

Other battery types utilized in electric buggies include nickel-cadmium (NiCad) cells and nickel-metallic hydride (NiMH) packs. Due to their cost and other constraints, these sorts of cells are less widespread.

ECARMAS provides excellent electric buggy cells. The chargers they use endure a long time and offer consistent power that keeps your buggy operating properly. Ensure that you charge and keep your battery according to the maker’s recommendations.

Step 3: Examine Your Tires

Proper tire maintenance is critical to an electric buggy’s reliable and secure functioning. Inspect your tire inflation rate regularly and fill to the required PSI. (pounds per square inch). Low tire pressure can result in poor management, higher wear, and shortened battery lifespan.

These buggies are used in mostly tours and hotels. You surely don’t want this tire pressure to be the reason you have no one in your buggy.

The Importance of Correct Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure is critical for electric buggy safety and efficiency. It has an impact on the dealing, efficiency, and general lifespan of the tires. Insufficient tire inflation can cause excessive wear, decreased traction, and an increased risk of a crash.

Underinflated tires can cause greater resistance to rolls, which can reduce the battery’s lifespan and distance. This implies that the electric buggy could have trouble being capable to drive as far on just one charge as it could. Overinflated tires, on the opposite hand, may lead to unequal wear, resulting in early repair and additional expenditures.

This way you can maintain your electric buggy and guarantee its longevity. Now you can take your buggy around the city or just the hotel to show your guest the specialties of your place.

ECARMAS provides a selection of excellent tires for electric buggies. Our customers from Spain commented that tires are engineered to deliver outstanding popularity, resilience, and pleasure.

Step 4: Carry Out Regular Upkeep

Checking your vehicle may seem like a job but it’s worth it.  Washing the buggy, and testing the batteries, are DIY repairs. Nevertheless, use expert advice as well. A  technician knows his way around buggies and can evaluate your buggy perfectly. 

ECARMAS offers electric buggies in excellent condition. You’ll be met with their team of qualified technicians who can give advice on how you can keep your buggy in good shape.


Keeping your electric buggy has no reason to be difficult. Once you go over these 4 steps, you’ll know how to maintain your electric buggy. Just clean your car, keep a check on your batteries, and do a regular look-over.

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