Golf carts checklist


EcarMAS golf carts checklists

If you own one or more golf carts, then checklists are essential for you! They can help you to better checking and maintain your golf carts. So your golf carts can have better appearance and surely a longer life!

Check the electrolyte level in batteries and add water as necessary, preferably after charging.  Water level should be 3/8”-1/2” above the lead plates inside the batteries.  For extra life of batteries, use only distilled water when filling batteries.  DO NOT OVERFILL!!  As batteries get older, watch more carefully 

Wash any film off of battery tops and clean terminals.  Use baking soda to help control corrosion.  Acid residue that forms on the batteries will stain.  Use eye protection when working around batteries (acid is corrosive to the skin and clothing).
Check air pressure in tires and add air if needed (4 ply tires – 18-20 psi; 6 ply tires – 30-34 psi; if you have radial tires, check the sidewall of your tire for recommended pressure)
Check for cracks or other damage in the potentiometer (pot box). 
Make sure switch is securely fastened to frame.  
Check movable contact for correct operation.
Wash battery compartment and underside of vehicle.
Check brake shoes and replace if necessary.
Lubricate brake slides
Lubricate brake pedal shaft bearings
Lubricate brake linkage & pivots
Lubricate F&R switch contacts and charger receptacle
Lubricate front suspension (5 fittings) with chassis lube CPNLGI Grade 2
Check brake cables for damage and replace if necessary
Check electrical wiring for tightness and damage.
Check condition of contacts and wire connections on F&R switch
Check front wheel alignment and camber and adjust if needed.
Check and fill transaxle to plug level (22 oz SAE 30 wt.)
Inspect front wheel bearings and repack as necessary
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