electric golf carts

 In 1951, the first electric golf carts was manufactured in Redlands, California. This ingenious invention delighted golfers around the country. Instead of walking around expansive courses laden with heavy clubs, golfers began riding around them in style. As time passed, people discovered new, exciting uses for electric golf carts. These electric golf carts no longer solely serve the golfing population. Nowadays, electric golf carts can be seen parked at suburban homes, churches, farmhouses, universities, factories, and resorts.

Electric golf carts: If you live in a gated, suburban community, riding around the neighborhood in your own electric golf carts can feel luxurious. When the weather is treacherous outside, you can quickly, and easily, ride to a neighbor’s home. Carrying pot luck dinners to your friends’ homes is also convenient if you own electric golf carts. You can also safely transport your kids to neighboring homes without worrying about them walking alone. Perhaps, you live in a sprawling, rural area. Utilizing electric golf carts is a great way to get from one place to another on a large estate. You can even use your electric golf carts to help you herd sheep and cattle. 

Electric golf carts aren’t only practical for individuals. They make the perfect mode of transportation for large churches. Parking lot greeters can utilize them to meet new parishioners as they arrive at church. Large church campuses can use electric golf carts to transport members with mobility issues from the parking lot to the sanctuary. Whenever large meals are prepared at places of worship, parishioners can transport food from their cars to activities buildings in electric golf carts. These types of vehicles can be invaluable to colleges and universities too. Groundskeepers can easily transport tools across campus in order to carry out their duties. Visiting, prospective students and parents enjoy seeing campuses for the first time while riding in electric golf carts.

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