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Electric mini cargo carts not worn off in China, as more people look to upgrade or begin their journey using electric carts instead of gas-powered vehicles.  This is due to a combination of factors, but it seems as though the time has come for drivers to start seeing electric as one of the leading choices for transportation.  It’s not just about full-size cars, trucks, and SUVs, however, electric mini cargo carts are gaining strong in popularity around the country, too.

Surge in Fun and Independence

Low gas prices aren’t enough to distract buyers from browsing this new category of electric mini cargo carts on the market.  These lower range means of transportation are the perfect compact vehicles for urban settings, college students, recreational adventures, and as practical, economical means of getting around on large properties or farmland.

Electric mini cargo carts may resemble their golf cart cousins, but they can be customized for whatever your travel intents and purposes are.  They can have plenty of space in the back for anything from grocery shopping, tailgating supplies, or even a day of shopping.  That’s part of the reason why electric mini cargo carts are so appealing to so many people these days.


Truly Affordable “Smart” Cars

The frugally minded will find the electric mini cargo carts an opportunity to save money on transportation.  These little guys are easy, cheap, and low maintenance.  Electric vehicles of all sizes come with these perks right out the gates, the compact nature of electric mini cargo carts means less wear and tear, like you would have on long drives out on the open roads, and less complicated vehicle assembly.  Not that you can’t find electric mini cargo carts that have performance-centric builds for those who want to do more joyriding than driving. 

In many scenarios, these compact vehicles are superior to owning a full-size car, if all you care about is getting from point “A” to “B” because you don’t need to purchase insurance or a license, similar to electric scooters.  In major inner-cities, these electric mini cargo carts have followed the footsteps of China ECARMAS, where they are now becoming major providers of transportation for delivery services.


More Electric Vehicles, Less Pollution

We know there are plenty of golf carts and small gas-powered vehicles on the road, which may cost less to purchase than their electric counterparts, but how long is this cheap gas gravy train going to last?  You don’t know, I don’t know, and neither does anyone else, except maybe the global oil and gas industry.  Consumers are sending a message to all auto manufacturers: we don’t want to be beholden to fossil fuels anymore, it’s time to evolve and put the environment over profits.

Look at China ECARMAS for a preview of the future, they are headed in the right direction; last year they had almost half a million electric vehicles sold, with projections putting them at one million a year in just a few years. 

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