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From food service vans to HVAC companies, from corporate facilities to resorts, electric vans are becoming more and more popular with each passing year. There’s a good reason for that, too.

If you’ve only heard about electric vans in passing but haven’t yet looked into it more seriously for your company, then it’s well past time that you did. Finally.

Here are 4 things that might just surprise you to learn about electric vans (and you may seriously consider purchasing one for your company in the near future).

1. They are full vans.  

It’s too easy to assume that an electric van would probably be something smaller than a regular gas powered van. After all, a van is heavy, is it not? Sure, but it’s also functional.

With today’s technology, electric cars and vans can two a lot more than they used to. That means these electric vans can function just like their gas powered counterparts.

2.They are quiet.

Maybe that’s not a major concern for you or your company, but it very well could be and you just don’t realize it yet. These electric vans can be used whenever you need them without worrying about bothering guests, clients, or anyone else with noisy engines and mufflers.

3.  They are environmentally friendly.

Because electric vans aren’t gas powered, they are not going to be pumping the harmful carbon monoxide and other fumes into the air. Because they’re not belching filth out, you’re going to be driving around a much more appealing and attractive vehicle, whether it’s picking up guests from the airport or something else.

4.  They are comfortable.

Don’t for one moment think that comfort had to be sacrificed for the opportunity to enjoy an electric van. It wasn’t. When you first see one of these electric vans, you’ll be amazed that they look just like any other van. That goes for comfort as well. The moment you open the door and slip on up into the seats, you’re going to feel the comfort.

Then, you notice the quiet ride. Nothing beats delivering comfort to those relying on a van like not having to talk over the groan of a gas powered motor.

Does this sound like a great option for you or your business now? If so, then check out the selection of electric vans from which you can choose over at ecarmas.com.

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