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We only have one planet, and we have to protect it at all costs. The transport sector contributes 20 percent of all global emissions, of which land transport holds 45% of all total emissions. Therefore, the natural question becomes what can we do to keep our air and our cities clean from pollution and carbon emission from cars. Adopting a good alternative (electric vehicles) to the current fuel-driven vehicles is a key step in reviving the environment. Some of the most common alternatives for your city are:

Electric vehicles sightseeing

Most of our cities are held together by tourism, and one would be a great service if tourists can tour several historical and cultural sights in environmentally friendly sightseeing vehicles. The sightseeing vehicle is spacious and open to let in air and allow tourists more viewing space. You love that the stylish and well-thought-out sightseeing vehicles all run on electricity.

Electric Golf Shuttle Carts

Golfing is a great sport, but most golf courses rely on classic golf carts to transport players and equipment around the course. The vehicles end up polluting the air in what should be a serene environment. The machine is easy to operate and has good control over the steering, so it can take you through the course.

Electric Utility Mini cargo carts

Vending about small items in the city should not have large implications for the environment as it happens in our current format.  Citizens and utility companies should get Electric utility vehicles that are less noisy and travel at the same speed and flexibility as regular vehicles to ensure an environmentally clean city.

 Large Electric cargo truck

Those with large cargo to haul around should not have reasons to fret as there are also large cargo trucks to handle a modest amount of goods. The vehicle body is large enough to carry any type of goods around the city. It can be used for all type of goods without any issues

Roller Shutter Hotel buggies

Similar to large cargo electric trucks are the roller Shutter hotel buggies that can be used to carry supplies into the hotel room or even move guests’ cargo around. The buggies are spacious and have a rolling shutter for easy access to the inside.

 Environmentally Clean-Fire Trucks

No one can deny the role the firemen play in ensuring the safety of the city residents in emergencies and fire incidents. They deserve to be honored with an environmentally clean. The fire trucks are heavy duty and able to carry a lot of water to put out fire around the city.

 Electric Police buggies

Police are at the forefront of keeping the city safe by keeping crime at bay, but they can be involved in keeping the environment safe using electric police buggies. Everyone can stay safe knowing that the classic police buggies are not adding environmental hazards to the environment.

 Electric Classic Golf Carts

Everyone may have a taste for their favorite golf cart and the classic golf cart driving around the golf course. They are enjoyable to drive on the golf course while emitting zero emissions.

Environmentally clean cities are our responsibility. We can achieve them by using the above electric vehicles in the appropriate setting. The vehicles are classy and, at times, more durable compared to their gasoline counterparts.

Tourist Buses

Golf carts

Classic carts

Utility Cars

Patrol cars

Electric trucks

Street Sweepers

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