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Electric people mover, also known as people carrier have since long enjoyed standing popularity for the space they afford allowing to carry a large number of people and cargo such as luggage, DIY equipment or even sports or shooting equipment etc.

Here are a few main characteristics of electric people movers which will help you make a good decision about the type of vehicle you need as per your business/requirements.

  • Seating

You need to consider the number of passengers that you will be transporting via your electric people mover. Usually electric people mover or ecar for resorts, clubs has a seating capacity that can seat up to 10-12 people at a time. The seating is usually in the form of benches or perhaps individual seats that can be relocated, moved, folded partially or completely to make space for cargo. There are a lot of designs, makes and models for electric people movers and ecars that you can choose from. Depending on your business requirement, you can choose the type of electric people movers you want.

  • Doors

You need to consider the door configuration before you can finalize an electric people mover for your business. A lot of electric people movers  have sliding or swinging out rear doors allowing for entry from the rear, others might have automatically operated doors, swinging doors, out swing doors etc depending on their make and model. Consider the type of door you need for your electric people mover depending on your business type. If you’re purchasing an electric people mover to serve in a hospital for example, you will perhaps need an electric people mover that has a sliding door allowing ease of entry for patients and people in a wheelchair.

  • Transmission and Chasis

It is important that the electric people mover you choose has a uni-body design which makes it lighter and allows for robust safety in case of an accident and to allow for a more comfortable ride as compared to those which feature a body on frame chassis.

In America electric people movers are classified as lighter trucks so that they can get more leniencies around official rules and regulations regarding safety and carbon emissions. An ideal electric people mover would be one with an automatic transmission as it would allow you to transport people without having to train your staff to drive a manual one.

The Bottom Line

Electric people movers or ecars are great because they allow you to transport a large number of people and cargo with minimum hassle. There are a number of different manufacturers and brands from which you can choose from when considering an electric people mover. When you want to purchase a good electric people mover, you can log on to ECARMAS and find the best one for your business. For your good, ECARMAS allows you to compare different types of electric people movers so that you can purchase the best one suited to your business and its requirements.

Go on and purchase high end electric people movers for your resort or hotel business. Trust us, you will be doing your business a favor with this electric people mover that allows you to save on fuel and maintenance cost a well.

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