As more and more governments begin looking for alternative sources of energy, electric vehicle sales such as a battery-powered police buggy, have increased sharply over the last several years, with no signs of slowing down.

Electric buggies are particularly beneficial for certain businesses and organizations, including the police. Not only are these vehicles smaller and more compact, but as they’re electric vehicles they’re also affordable and more economical as well.

Police forces in countries across the globe, including Spain, Portugal, and Germany have started using ECARMAS battery-powered police buggy vehicles in cities and rural areas with great effect. On the streets of Barcelona, Lisbon, and Frankfurt for example, it is not uncommon to see the police upholding the law with the help of a trusty electric buggy.

If your organization is looking to add EVs to its inventory, a battery-powered police buggy is perfect. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, or several, here are some tips to keep your costs down.

Make use of free charging stations


One of the simplest ways of keeping your charging costs low when running a battery-powered police buggy, is to make use of free charging stations.

Many countries have charging stations for electric vehicles, and a fair amount of these stations are actually free. Some businesses such as grocery stores for example, will offer free charging when you’re on the premises so if you can, use these charging stations to your advantage.

Only buy a battery-powered police buggy from trusted manufacturers


Another top tip for police forces looking to purchase a new battery-powered police buggy is to ensure you buy from a trusted manufacturer.

ECARMAS for example, has clients all over the globe and offers amazing quality, guarantees, and a wide range of other perks and privileges.

With an ECARMAS battery-powered police buggy, you know you’re getting a premium quality product designed to the highest of specs. This not only saves money on maintenance, but it also means your buggies are reliable so you can serve the public and uphold the law.

Charge the battery between 20% and 80%


Whenever possible, try to keep your electric police buggy’s battery power above 20% and no higher than 80%.

Obviously, you’ll need your buggy’s battery to be charged up so that you can apprehend criminals when needed, so the last thing you want is for it to lose power when you’re in pursuit. When charging, however, try not to go above 80% or let it drop below 20%.

The final and first 20% of power in your vehicle’s battery will take longer to charge, which means you’ll be using more energy and spending more money.

By charging your ECARMAS battery-powered police buggy battery to a max of 80% you save time and money.

Use smart charging apps


Finally, to get a better insight into your buggy’s electricity usage and to keep track of the battery’s charge, and the charging rate, go ahead and use smart charging apps.

A smart charging app is easy to use, it can help you to choose the best energy tariffs, it can show you the nearest charging station to charge your battery-powered police buggy and much more.

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