Multi-passenger Shuttle Trailers

Getting a lot of people around, fast and safe, is a bit of a challenge for most businesses.  It usually involves a lot of limitations and inconveniences, which the customer or client may have been okay with many years ago, however times have changed.  Now, you can no longer settle on just having a few company cars/vans to transport a few groups at a time, you need to have a fleet of multi-passenger shuttle trailers with trailers at your disposable if you want to keep morale levels high.

Bigger, Better, Smarter

If you need shuttles to move people around on a large piece of property, there’s no better solution than a multi-passenger shuttle trailer at your disposal.  Why make people wait, when you can invest in affordable multi-passenger shuttle trailers that can allow you and your staff to act as VIP service to the public.  You can find multi-passenger shuttle trailers with capacities as large as 26 people, open air and closed models, fitted with AC/heater, radio coms, display screens, you name it.

Eco-friendly and People-friendly

Using multi-passenger shuttle trailers is just smart business, for you and the customer.  They’re safer for the passengers and the environment.  Because they can be driven on roads that cars, trucks, or vans can’t or won’t, they offer more opportunities to show visitors around your business that would otherwise be missed or less memorable.  Think in the terms of African safari rides or tour buses in the big cities.  You can install a PA and a map system in your shuttles, make it so everyone is strapped in and following along as a group experience.  That’s a powerful tool of info-taiment that is hard to find these days.

Business Sense

Multi-passenger shuttle trailers also double as a mobile billboard for your business.  Customize them with whatever signage your wish, make them pop with some bright LED lights, and fix some speakers on them to turn heads.  This can also be an opportunity to display useful information about your services on the sides of the trams.

For businesses with a bit smaller needs in the volume of people that need moving, you can get very efficient and reliable golf carts or multi-passenger shuttle trailers to move personnel or important clients on your properties.  These small electric vehicles need very little maintenance and can make things like security patrol or loss prevention services much more effective and economically feasible.


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