Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: Have you visited certain cities lately? Well, then you must have come across small electric cars silently whizzing around streets, transporting residents & tourists from one place to another, delivering goods and are even used to perform the everyday commute.

Known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs for short, these petite vehicles do not boast of performance or range of larger, highway-apt cars such as Nissan LEAF. However, these cars can lend you the first hand experience of electric cars without costing you an arm and a leg.

Living with constraints

In almost every state, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are constrained by law to a maximum speed of 25-35 miles/hour. In fewer cases, this suggests they cannot be run on roads with a set speed limit of 25 mph or more, strictly restricting where they can be run.

Speed is not the one and only aspect that’s limited in these Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. As, majority of them are driven by high-end battery packs—normally coming with lead-acid cells—they might also have restricted range when compared to highly advanced highway-apt electric cars. Therefore, these vehicles are well suited to short-range performance, where everyday mileage needs range from 25 to 30 miles between rates. In severe cold, range might drop further up to 20%.

Even though there are few exceptions, most Neighborhood Electric Vehicles are tinier than traditional electric cars. Majority of them, like the no-longer manufactured ZENN vehicle, consist of only 2 seats, making them apt for couples or families who want to run local errands.

Affordable Prices

While there are a number of limitations of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, they do have 1 irresistible benefit over more efficient electric cars—price.

ECARMAS Neighborhood Electric Vehicles cost you much lesser than full-sized Electric Vehicles, making them a perfect option for those who are looking to save bucks on monthly gasoline bills, without paying thousands of hard earned dollars for a new one. So, you get a good range & performance at a fairly reduced price.

Unlike EVs that show up with battery packs that last for endless miles, the affordable lead-acid battery packs fitted in these vehicles need replacing every few years at a price of up to many thousand dollars. Those who are comfortable with a wrench can usually replace a neighborhood electric vehicle’s battery pack for few thousand dollars, but those who dislike D.I.Y projects can save for future battery replacements when purchasing a Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

Purchase with Caution

A number of Electric Vehicle owners prefer NEVs over EVs, having one today is a great option if a full-size, highway-apt EV is not possible. With restricted space, range, features and power, these Neighborhood Electric Vehicles really work best when operated in crowded communities, small cities or on certain surface-street drives.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle today and save big on gasoline bills while you travel easily and conveniently to nearby places.

ECARMAS supplies you the following electric vehicles:

Electric golf cart:

Electric leisure vehicle

Electric street sweeper:

Electric police car:

Electric cargo van:

Utility vehicle, etc.

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