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ECARMAS, your one stop station of your requirements of all kind of low speed vehicles. With over 18 years of experices in serving our oversea’s customers, we can fully understand your different requirements. With our advantages of: quick reply (within 2 hours), high quality, perfect aftersale services, we gain high reputation from customers over 24 countries.  With our fast growing business, our business sales increased to around 40% in recent two years.
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ECARMAS golf buggies are shipping to South Africa

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The leading market of electric vehicle transportation

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Multi-passenger Shuttle Trailers

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Getting a lot of people around, fast and safe, is a bit of a challenge for most businesses.  It usually involves a lot of limitations and inconveniences, which the customer or client may have been [...]

Electric Shuttle Trams

February 20, 2017|Comments Off on Electric Shuttle Trams

Having a dependable means of transportation around a large property or business is something that cannot be compromised on.  When you have to spend precious capital on things like engine tune-ups and gasoline on a [...]


For standard order quantities, the MOQ quantities are a 40’ft container. We also accept single sample vehicles for you to test the quality firstly. Please contact us for more details at your convenience. Thank you very much.
The leading times is 30-40 days for usual orders. For special orders, it will depends on order requirements. For example, customized vehicles will take longer time usually. So it depends on your special requirements or needs.
For all our vehicles, we provide life long time aftersale services. For main parts (motor, controller, batteries, shelf), we provide one year free of charge for replacements (based on your using the vehicles strictly accoding to to the instructions)