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11 seats classic car

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Classic car

With special vintage characters, eco-friendly, much convenient, they attract more and more people to own and enjoy a very different but happy life. 

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Maintenance tips
  • Model: R9

    Seats: 11

    Motor: 72V/5kw

    Controller: 72V/5kw

    Battery: 6V/180AH

    Voltages: 220V

    Wheelbase: 3650mm

    Breaking system: ≤6m

    Driving range: ≤100km

    Climb slope: ≤30%

    Driving speed: ≤30km/h

    Dimension(L*W*H): 5380*1600*1950mm

    Shaft distance: 1300mm

    Weights: 1100kgs

    Loading weights: 1000kgs

    Ground clearance: 150mm

    Turning radius: 6000mm

    Charging time: 8-10 hours


    Motor: Supemoto (DC) Strong power, excellent traction performance, low noise, strong overload capacity, long service life. The spindle motor and rear axle connection applied special lubricants, rust-proof, noise reduction, high temperature

    Battery: Large capacity deep cycle, security is good, mileage long, high life

    Controller: ENPOWER electronic control, using imported key components, high reliability, and the overall package, good water, lower the temperature controller, handling more stable current, the motor output is more robust, to play the maximum motor efficiency

    Windscreen: Car special laminated glass with car wiper

    Sound system: High-end DVD player, reverse image, professional speakers, music smooth, clear video

    Dash Board: With luxurious voltmeter, ammeter, power meter

    Lighting system: Headlamps with front lighting (with retro car lighting), turn signals, brake lights, down lights, reversing warning devices, horns

    Ceiling: European process window ceiling bracket retro floral pieces, bells classical elegance; headliner cloth imported waterproof canvas roof, more durable, waterproof, anti-radiation, anti-harmful UV rays. Ceiling brackets, grilles, handrails using powder technology coverage, has excellent rust resistance.

    Braking System: After the dual-circuit hydraulic front disc brake drum, higher security stability. Borrowing car parking brake, convenient and reliable operation

    Suspension System: Before the bridge, the structure is simple, good stability, do not wear tires. After the bridge is integral, seamless steel tubes welded axle housing, cold extrusion planetary gears, low noise, durable and reliable. Leaf spring rear suspension, hydraulic shock absorber, can carry more weight.

    Steering System: An automotive steering, automatic adjustment of the gap. Perfect match trapezoidal body rotation is not dead, direction lighter.

    Chassis: Use GB steel, acid phosphate overall surface corrosion treatment, stability, robustness excellent

    Body: Body of super-strength ﹑ unique advantages of corrosion-resistant, long-life automotive glass steel material, beautiful and durable ﹑ light weight

    Chairs: Three front row after row over North Korea, imitation leather fabric + high rebound PU, with armrests, ride comfort

    Rear mirror: So each one manually type exterior mirrors, full understanding of traffic

    Tires: Alloy wheels, vacuum tire

    Painting: Whole car with automotive quality paint, computer-paint, professional spray equipment

  • EcarMAS electric classic car, electric antique car EcarMAS electric classic car, antique car EcarMAS electric antique car, classic car

    Ecarmas electric vintage car, electric classic car

  • Color choices

    • 1-3 cars: can be shipped within 15 to 18 days
    • 4-6 cars: can be shipped within 22 to 30 days
    • 6-10 cars: can be shipped within 32 to 38 days
    • 10-20 cars: can be shipped within  45 to 68 days
    • More than 21 cars: can be shipped within 72 days to longer times

    Notice: this shipping leading times just for usual cases, not including other force majeures, such as: national festivals, bad weather, power cut etc.

  • Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories

  • Electric vintage car troubleshooting 

    1. A sticky accelerator is a problem when the accelerator of the cart is in the pressed condition always. This can be checked by listening to a clicking sound. Once the engine is on and the accelerator is pressed, a clicking sound is produced. This sound is heard only when the accelerator is pressed. So if you hear the sound, when you are not pushing the accelerator, then it might be due to sticky accelerator. In such cases contact a good mechanic.
    2. Do you experience low pulling torque or power while driving inclined roads? Then it might be due to loose battery connections or low power battery. Securing them tightly can solve the problem. If the battery is drained out, then its best to replace them.
    3. Always make sure you maintain the tire pressure constant at the required level. A low tire pressure can reduce the mileage and increase the load on the engine. The recommended tire pressure of an electric vintage care is between 18 and 22 PSI.
    4. Maintenance of the battery is very essential. If properly maintained, a battery can last up to 5 or 6 years. Clean the battery terminals and casing once in a while. Also maintain an adequate level of water inside the battery cells. Use distilled water to refill, in case the water level is too low.
    5. Examine all the connections to and from the battery and other electrical fittings. Any loose or faulty connection can lead to malfunctioning of the electric vintage car. Make sure to tighten any loose contacts using a wrench.
    6. Tips & Warnings
    7. Always wear protective gloves and safety goggles before conducting any type of troubleshooting. Make sure not to over-inflate the tires. Never leave the lights and other battery powered accessories in the ON state. It can deplete the battery charge.

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