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4 seats electric classic car

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4 seats electric classic car

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Electric classic cars

With special vintage characters, eco-friendly, much convenient, they attract more and more people to own and enjoy a very different but happier life. 

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  • NO.ItemsEcarMAS-LY4C
    1Passenger capacity4
    3Net weight900kg
    4Carrying capacity480kg
    5Front wheel tread1200 mm
    6Rear wheel tread1140 mm
    7Min. ground clearance130mm
    8Max. speed(full load)25km /h
    9Min. turning radius6200mm
    10Max. grade ability(full load)30%
    11Parking ability(empty load)15%
    12Motor power4.0 KW
    13Battery6v *190AH/48V
    15Recharging time8-10hr
    16Travel distance80-100km
  • EcarMAS electric classic car, antique car EcarMAS electric antique car, classic car EcarMAS electric classic car, electric antique car

  • Color choices

    • 1-3 cars: can be shipped within 15 to 18 days
    • 4-6 cars: can be shipped within 22 to 30 days
    • 6-10 cars: can be shipped within 32 to 38 days
    • 10-20 cars: can be shipped within  45 to 68 days
    • More than 21 cars: can be shipped within 72 days to longer times

    Notice: this shipping leading times just for usual cases, not including other force majeures, such as: national festivals, bad weather, power cut etc.

  • Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories

  • Electric classic car battery maintenance(Part one)

    An electric classic car depends on its battery pack as the source of energy that propels it to complete its mission. Proper care and maintenance of this pack can greatly increase its useful life and help keep the operating costs of an electric classic car well below a traditional internal combustion engine. The following tips will serve as a guide for proper care of a Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) battery pack:

    1. Batteries should be charged after each use. Avoid continuously operating batteries in a partially charged condition.
    2. Distilled water should be used to replenish batteries. Particular care should be taken to avoid metallic contamination (iron).
    3. Inspect battery cables to ensure they are intact and connectors are kept tight at all times.
    4. Battery vent caps should be kept in place and tight during vehicle operation and battery charging.
    5. For maximum battery life, batteries should not be discharged below 80% of their rated capacity.
    6. If the vehicle will not be used for a period beyond a few weeks, charge the batteries, fill them and store the vehicle in a cool place that will not consistently be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
    7. Avoid charging at temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. For more tips, kindly visit our blogs for electric classic car

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“Hi, I am Tickri Zoe from Portugal, Since 2013, our company worked with Ecarmas, their high quality control systems and in time delivery of carts make me feel much releived. I love their excellent Jobs, the most important-after-sale service is really a thumb-up, will go on be with them”—-Wonder Roll Ldaa

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