Ecarmas electric club car, electric golf cart manufacturer of China, electric vehicles supplier in China

Model No





Trojan batteries


Onboard charger/offboard charger


Continuously variable

Overall Size


Ground clearance


Tread distance


Net weight (with batteries)



4 persons

Forward speed


Braking distance


Turning radius


Climbing ability

Safe climbing 25%

Maximum mileage


Electric golf cart is also known as : electric people mover, electric people carrier, golf utility car, electric shuttle, golf car buggy,  resort cart, golf carts gained popularity in the mid-20th century as a convenient way to get around on a golf course, which is also called:  golf buggy, golf car, cheap golf cart, cheap resort car, golf resort cart, buggy, cheap buggy, recreational vehicle, recreational car, golf caddy, golf car, electric shuttle car, caddy cart, caddie cart, cheap buggy, low speed vehicle, shuttle vehicle, short distance vehicle, golf cart of  China, club car, club cart.

Golf cart maintenance tips

Golf cart tires

  1. With cold weather, tire pressures are going to drop. Each tire should be set at 22-25 psi.

  2. I would not be surprised if most are reading 10-12 psi. As temperatures begin to rise the pressure will go back up.

  3. We have had several service calls about slow moving cars, only to find as little as 4 lbs. of air in the tires.

  4. Golf car tires usually do not go flat to the rim like a car tire will. They can look fine but upon further inspection you will see that .they are not

Golf carts have become an affordable option for many business: manufacturing plants, shipping facilities and other commercial applications as well. Large apartment complexes, hospitals, senior living facilities, university campuses, resorts, residential communities and construction work-sites are opting for electric golf carts. At ECARMAS, we are proud of our fine line of cost-efficient models of electric golf carts and offer replacement parts for all of the low-speed electric utility vehicles that we sell. We also offer affordable financing and flexible lease agreements.

ECARMAS electric cart color choice

A standarded 20’ft container
35 days for formal orders
T/T or LC at sights

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