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14 seats tourist car

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Tourist car

It is widely used in the modern life. It makes our life more comfortable, much happier. For our cars, they have very wide-range of applications: resorts, golf courses, clubs, casinos, holiday buildings, hospitality establishments, real estates investment, properties, villas, tourism, airports, train stations, schools, parks, ports, city malls, and other off-road areas etc.

Color choices
Maintenance tips
  • EcarMAS-S14.A
    Electric systemcontrollerCurtis controller
    batteryBranded battery
    Charging timeLess than 12 hours(discharging rate 80%)
    Body configurationGlassSandwich glassSun RoofFiber glass
    seatleatherFloorAutiskid rubber floor
    Rear mirrorHandoperated,both sideSteeringDual automotive-style strut and self-adjust rack-and pinion steering
    DC/Light/SignalFront light、turning light、fog light、 rear light、horn、Buzzer
    BodyPP Vacuum forming
    Dash BoardPP Vacuum forming dash board,Voltage Indicator 48V、Switch Head Lights、Switch – Indicators Right/Left、key switch、Switch – Forward/Reverse。
    Braking systemFront disc and rear dram,four-wheel hydraulic brake+hand brake
    Front axle and suspensionIndependent suspension,helical spring +cylinder hydraulic shock absorber
    Rear axle and suspensionIntegral type transaxle,gear ratio 12.31:1,semi-independent transaxle,leaf spring.
    ParameterTire diameter535mm
    Loading passenger14
    Max speed km/h30-40km
    Mileage/km80—100km(flat road)
    Max climbing ability20%
    Mini turning radium(m)≤5.5m
    Mini ground clearance180mm
    Wheel baseFront 1180/back 1200mm
    Braking distance3.5M
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  • Color choices

    • 1-3 cars: can be shipped within 15 to 18 days
    • 4-6 cars: can be shipped within 22 to 30 days
    • 6-10 cars: can be shipped within 32 to 38 days
    • 10-20 cars: can be shipped within  45 to 68 days
    • More than 21 cars: can be shipped within 72 days to longer times

    Notice: this shipping leading times just for usual cases, not including other force majeures, such as: national festivals, bad weather, power cut etc.

  • Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories

  • Tourist Car Maintenance Tips

    1. Make sure to charge the batteries. If you do not charge your cell phone it won’t work, and neither will your tourist. It is important to charge your tourist car after each prolonged use in order to keep the batteries “juiced” and in working order. Failure to do so will leave you stranded. For best results, leave your tourist car on charge for a minimum of 2 hours (most chargers will show a green light or some other indicator when the battery is fully charged).
    2. Keep water in the batteries. When batteries do not have enough water, they lose power quickly and will perform poorly. It is important to check the water level in your batteries at least once per month (refer to your owner’s manual for instruction, or call the tourist car maintenance specialists at I-4 to help you). Many people will keep a schedule of some sort to make sure they do not skip a month.
    3. Check for corrosion. Just like a vehicle battery, the batteries in tourist cars can become corroded; leading to poor performance. Check for corrosion often in order to avoid such situations.

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“Hi, I am Tickri Zoe from Portugal, Since 2013, our company worked with Ecarmas, their high quality control systems and in time delivery of carts make me feel much releived. I love their excellent Jobs, the most important-after-sale service is really a thumb-up, will go on be with them”—-Wonder Roll Ldaa

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