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23 seats electric sightseeing car

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23 seats electric sightseeing car

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Electric sightseeing car

It is widely used in the modern life. It makes our life more comfortable, much happier. Now it is mostly used in: resorts, golf courses, clubs, casinos, holiday buildings, hospitality establishments, real estates investment, properties, villas, tourism, airports, train stations, schools, parks, ports, city malls, and other off-road areas etc.

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  • ModelECARMAS-A23
    Passenger capacity23 
    Net weight1950kg  
    Carrying capacity1800kg  
    Wheel base3340mm  
    Front wheel tread1420mm  
    Rear wheel tread1440mm  
    Min. ground clearance130mm  
    Max. speed(full load)28km/h
    Brake distance≤5m  
    Min. turning radius≤8m  
    Max. grade ability(full load)0.1  
    Parking ability(empty load)0.15  
    Motor power9KW AC  
    Battery12*6V225AH, 2 Group  
    Recharging time8-10hr  
    Travel distance100-120 km  
    Wheel195/R15C; 6JJ-15  
    BodySteel frame and high strength fiberglass body
    Side of the passenger seat (leather fabric + high rebound PU, with backrest, light gray)
    ChassisShot blasting and powder coating treating 
    WindscreenAutomotive glass, with rain wiper 
    RoofFiberglass material 
      SeatWaterproof  leather soft seat 
    FlooringNon-slip vinyl flooring 
     DashboardDigital and pointer instrument 
    Central mirror220*75,can turn up/down, left/right 
    LightHigh beam headlight、dipped headlight, turning light, turning light, reverse light and brake light 
    Motor“HUASHENG”9KW AC motor,superior performance and traction power 
    BatteryDeep cycle lead acid battery.Voltage:72V, capacity: 225AH, 2 battery group, totally 24pcs 
    ControllerUS”CURTIS”controller, with high temperature protection 
    Chargercomputer controlled intelligent charger  
    Front/rear shock absorberVertical leaf spring + hydraulic shock absorber  
    ParkingHand brake and electric regenerative brake  
    Brake4 wheels hydraulic brake  
    Steering power steelingoptional accessories  
    AcceleratorPotentiometer  type 0-5KΩ  
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  • Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories

    • 1-3 cars: can be shipped within 15 to 18 days
    • 4-6 cars: can be shipped within 22 to 30 days
    • 6-10 cars: can be shipped within 32 to 38 days
    • 10-20 cars: can be shipped within  45 to 68 days
    • More than 21 cars: can be shipped within 72 days to longer times

    Notice: this shipping leading times just for usual cases, not including other force majeures, such as: national festivals, bad weather, power cut etc.


    ECARMAS Electric Shuttle 23 passenger is one of the biggest electric shuttles for your commercial usage. Electric People movers such as this 23 Passenger Electric Shuttle are perfect for any customer transportation from parking lots to a venue or just the general tour around your facility. It’s really fantastic to see you on such comfortable shuttle, right? Contact us now: info@ecarmas.com; gyan@ecarmas.com.

  • Tips to save electricity of electric sightseeing car

    1. To avoid hard acceleration start: Hard acceleration start, high voltage circuit current. The recurrent hard acceleration started to affect the motor controller and battery life, while reducing the driving range.
    2. You avoid rapid parking: you should try to avoid sudden braking to stop, because sudden braking will not only accelerate the brake linings of the ground, and emergency braking caused by the current feedback effect on motor controller, affect the driving range and the motor controller life.
    3. Maintain a stable speed: with road and traffic conditions permit, the vehicle should maintain a steady speed. Vehicle started to accelerate to a certain speed may be appropriate to relax the accelerator pedal to maintain the current speed of the vehicle can be.
    4. To maintain normal tire pressure: the insufficient tire pressure will make rolling resistance increases, resulting in increased power consumption, and should therefore be to maintain a normal tire pressure.

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“Hi, I am Tickri Zoe from Portugal, Since 2013, our company worked with Ecarmas, their high quality control systems and in time delivery of carts make me feel much releived. I love their excellent Jobs, the most important-after-sale service is really a thumb-up, will go on be with them”—-Wonder Roll Ldaa

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