Ecarmas electric ambulance car manufacturer, ambulance car factory in China

Electric system
8VGC batter 8V,6 units
KDS48V/3.7KW motor
Computer Intelligent、input 220V/110V、ourput 48V、20A
Charging time
Less than 12 hours(discharging rate 80%)
Body configuration
Laminated glass
Sun Roof
Fiber glass
Autiskid rubber floor
Rear mirror
Handoperated,both side
Dual automotive-style strut and self-adjust rack-and pinion steering
48V/12V-300W Front light、turning light、rear light、horn、Buzzer
“pp” alloy automatic industrial special plastic
Dash Board
Fiberglass dash board,Voltage Indicator 48V、Switch Head Lights、Switch – Indicators Right/Left、key switch、Switch – Forward/Reverse
Braking system
Front disc and rear dram,four-wheel hydraulic brake+hand brake
Front axle and suspension
Independent suspension,helical spring +cylinder hydraulic shock absorption
Rear axle and suspension
ntegral type transaxle,gear ratio 12.31:1,semi-independent transaxle,spring,cylinder hydraulic shock absorption
Tire diameter
Loading passenger
Max speed km/h
80—100km(flat road)
Max climbing ability
Mini turning radium(m)
Mini ground clearance
Wheel base
Front 930/back 1010mm
Braking distance
Ambulance car maintenance tips:
  1. Charge your ambulance cars over night — deep cycle batteries need a good 6 to 8 hour charge.
  2. Check your battery connection cables regularly — they should be tight to avoid an electrical arc; replace old cables that are suffering from electrolysis (corrosion caused by two different metals touching each other).
  3. Refill your batteries with distilled water monthly — the water level in deep cycle batteries should be up to the bottom of the refill cylinder; over filling can cause the battery acid to boil out during charging; low water levels can cause the metal plates in the batteries to calcify, reducing the battery’s working life.  See battery manufacturer’s instructions for details.
  4. Run your ambulance car at least once per month — like any piece of machinery, golf ambulance cars need to be used to stay in good shape.  If you can’t get to the island once a month, hire someone to take your ambulance car around.  Kids could be hired at reasonable rates to check on your ambulance cars. 
  5. Stay out of puddles as much as possible — charging through puddles can throw a slurry of sand and water up into your brakes, wheels and the rest of your ambulance car’s undercarriage; the slurry can eat at parts; if you have to go through a puddle, slow down to reduce splashing.
In many situations a full-size ambulance is too bulky of a vehicle to quickly and efficiently respond to an injured person.  Imagine trying to maneuver an ambulance through a crowded city street or trying to navigate am off road hiking trail or needing to respond to an injury at a zoo, theme park, or sports complex.  Luckily our mini-ambulances are more than up to the task and is exactly what they’re designed to do.

ECARMAS electric cart color choice

A standarded 20’ft container
35 days for formal orders
T/T or LC at sights

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