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Electric food cart

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Electric food cart 

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Electric food cart

It is widely used in train stations, schools, public areas, scenic spots areas etc. Such kind of food cart always provides convenience for food service.

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  • Model: EcarMAS-SC2A

    Seats2 seats
    Cargo box(L*W*H)1800*1260*1200mm
    Net weight1000kg
    Carrying capacity480kg
    Wheel base2780mm
    Front wheel tread1210mm
    Rear wheel tread1200mm
    Min. ground clearance150mm
    Max. speed(full load)30km/h
    Brake distance≤4500mm
    Min. turning radius5800 mm
    Max. grade ability(full load)20%
    Parking ability(empty load)15%
    Motor power4.0KW
    Recharging time8-10hr
    Travel distance80-100㎞
  • Color choices

    • 1-3 cars: can be shipped within 15 to 18 days
    • 4-6 cars: can be shipped within 22 to 30 days
    • 6-10 cars: can be shipped within 32 to 38 days
    • 10-20 cars: can be shipped within  45 to 68 days
    • More than 21 cars: can be shipped within 72 days to longer times

    Notice: this shipping leading times just for usual cases, not including other force majeures, such as: national festivals, bad weather, power cut etc.

  • Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories Electric carts parts and accessories

  • How to wash your food cart?

    1. Use a professional auto wash liquid and very soft clean sponge.  Don’t use dishwashing detergent laundry soap or other cleansers not designed for automotive finishes.  Wash under the front cowl, fenders and bottoms of batteries. Waxing is a good idea from time to time. 
    2. Don’t use a wax that has abrasive compounds.  Be sure not to get wax on the rubber trim (a white residue will appear).  Don’t use wax on the steering wheel (too slippery).  Use a very soft, clean t-shirt type fabric to avoid scratching.  
    3. Clean your windshield using water only.  Don’t dry it with a cloth of any type.  Never use ammonia-based products on windshields or plastic.
    4. Seats can be cleaned with a diluted solution of cleaner (for stubborn stains you can use lacquer thinner sparingly).  

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