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New coming utility trucks

Electric utility trucks

Utility trucks have all round round usages, they can be used to transport large cargoes, luggage, garbage, even large machines, such as cars. So they are the most important transportation tools.

Most popular for use in industrial settings, the electronic Large Utility Vehicle focuses on transporting goods rather than people. At a company level it works great for moving industrial products, cargo, and garbage, but can also serve as a personal home moving vehicle.

Main descriptions:

Model: EcarMAS-S2.B.HP

Seats: 2 Seats

Motor: 72V, 6.3KW

Net Weight(without battery): 1165KGS

Travel Distance: 80-100km

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Portugal Tickri

“Hi, I am Tickri Zoe from Portugal, Since 2013, our company worked with Ecarmas, their high quality control systems and in time delivery of carts make me feel much releived. I love their excellent Jobs, the most important-after-sale service is really a thumb-up, will go on be with them”—-Wonder Roll Ldaa

Main descriptions:

Model: EcarMAS-S2.B.HX

Seats: 2 seats

Motor: 72V 6.3KW

Net Weight(with battery): 1305KGS

Maximum Mileage(full loaded): 60-80km

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Customer servey

After-sale Service
Quality Guarantee
Customer Satisfaction

Main descriptions:

Model: EcarMAS-LQF047

Seats: 2 seats

Motor: 48V, 3KW

Net Weight(with battery): 690KGS

Maximum Mileage(full loaded): 60-80km

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3 RFQs asked most frequently 

  • May you deliver each car in time?

    Surely, if not in time, you have the right to deduct 2%  from the order total amount.

  • How about the guarantee period?

    You can have the all life long time guarantee period, we promise. Or else, you can make lawsuit immediately. 

  • How about the spare parts?

    Spare pares are charged 98%, the rest 2% depends various special conditions.

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Ecarmas International: a company specializing in electric cars, golf cars, electric cars, sightseeing cars, patrol wagons, road sweepers, garbage transporters, utilities etc. The following points are our main targets:

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