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With the economy developed so rapidly in the past 10 years, countless resorts come into being, especially in the more developed countries. In these resorts, cars(namely resort cars) are the necessary tools for their daily operations. Here are the mainly statistics:

At least 3-8 resort cars for most resorts

 The statistics show that: resort cars are more and more popular than ever in the world. For example, Egypt Hilton Hotel resort, there are more than 10 sets different resort cars to fulfill the hotel’s operations. In Vietnam Da Nang resort, there are more than 8 sets’ sightseeing resort cars to satisfy their customers’ needed there! Resort car are already become a necessary tool for these scenic spots.


Resort cars are not only for resorts


In facts, resort cars definitely not only belong to resorts. You can see these cars everywhere: city malls, shopping centers, rail way stations, airports, schools, hospitals, docks, villas, residential areas, off-road areas, pedestrian streets etc. Meaning resort cars are utility vehicles, and they play a vital role for people’s day to day work and managements. They bring conveniences to the ones who use them!


Resort cars act as shuttle services


As resort cars are utility vehicles, they act as shuttle services in many public areas. It moves you from one place to another. With medium speed of less than 35mph, equipped with head lights, safe belts and turn signals, it makes you feel very comfortable. And you can see the rounding spots much closer ( in comparance with what you say from a public tool bus or others).

And the most important, you will not easily be injured or hurt. Such pleasant experiences will let you thumb up in the end and leave you good impressions, right?


ECARMAS can fully satisfy your all kinds of requests on buying resort cars!


At ECARMAS, you can buy customized resort cars fully according to your needs: your own logo, your own colors, your own seats and even your own instruction manuals etc. ECARMAS guarantees your all round life-long-time after sale services for any car you bought form us! We sincerely wish your contact in near future!


EcarMAS is a China based company which deals with Electronic Cars. We not only provide sightseeing cars, golf carts, police patrol wagons and electric classic cars, large electric van, street legal vehicles, utility vehicles, house keeping cart, but we also deal in Recreational Vehicles. We built some of the finest Recreational Vehicles that will meet your leisure trip demands. It can also be customized according to your specific needs and requirements and we promise to provide you with the best rates. We also provide excellent after sales service and make sure that our valued customers are satisfied with our vehicle.

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