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With a wealth of different models to choose from, we can provide you with some practical advice to help you make some important decisions up front. You’ll be experiencing great pleasure in the leisure vehicles of your choice sooner than you think.

1. Considering the Size of Your Resort. Before buying the leisure vehicles, you need to consider: how big your resort will be. For example, if your resort is in small size (less than 60,00 square meters), you can buy 1 to 3 vehicles, that will be enough; and if the resort is in medium size (more than 2,00,00 square meters), you need to prepare around 12 sets resort vehicles; however if your resort is big enough (over 5,00,00 square meters), you may consider 20 sets leisure vehicles for using.

2. Considering How Many People the Leisure Vehicle Needs to Carry. If your leisure vehicles usually carries around less than 5 people, you need to choose small size vehicles, such as golf cart, mini bus, small utility vehicles etc. If the leisure vehicles need to carry more than 8 persons once a time, then you need to buy large leisure vehicles with large capacity!

3. Considering What Kinds of Leisure Vehicles Your Resort Needs To Buy. As there are various kinds of leisure vehicles for various usages: for passengers’ shuttle, for luggage’s shuttle, for both, for food serving, for cargo transporting, for patrolling, for housekeeping etc. After the confirmation of the utilities, you can have the right choices in your mind!

4. Considering the Conditions about Roads or Ground. If the roads are smooth most of the time, you can choose electric powered leisure vehicles, which will be enough for normal usage. If the roads is very steeply or the roads have many stones etc. You may consider buy petrol powered leisure vehicles. Since such kind of vehicles are better powered and can have better grading ability etc. And if your resort has many sands surrounded, you need to buy special leisure vehicles such as dune buggies etc. Dune buggies have much bigger tires and the tires have high wear-resistant characters which make the buggies runs perfectly.

5. Considering the Color Choices. Although this one is not as important as the 4 points above, it does decide the customers’ experiences. The brighter the colors, the more pleasant the customers. This will do good to your resort. So kindly keep color choices in your mind before making decisions to buy leisure vehicles.

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EcarMAS is a China based company which deals with Electronic Cars. We not only provide sightseeing cars, golf carts, police patrol wagons and electric classic cars, large electric van, street legal vehicles, utility vehicles, house keeping cart, but we also deal in Recreational Vehicles. We built some of the finest Recreational Vehicles that will meet your leisure trip demands. It can also be customized according to your specific needs and requirements and we promise to provide you with the best rates. We also provide excellent after sales service and make sure that our valued customers are satisfied with our vehicle.

Kindly send your inquiry to: info@www.ecarmas.com or  gyan@www.ecarmas.com. Your inquiry will got immediate reply within 2 hours.

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