ECARMAS electric vehicle, compared to the regular gas engine vehicle, is simpler and less costly to maintain. This is because EV requires less brake maintenance (due to regenerative braking), requires no oil change, involves fewer moving parts and less fluid, and has a simple powertrain. Though keeping your electric vehicle in good shape involves less maintenance burden, you still need to know how to go about its maintenance properly.

Here are the tips on how to maintain your ECARMAS electric vehicles:

Take Care Of The ECARMAS Electric Vehicle Battery

The battery packs a core component of an electric vehicle, so it requires adequate care. You need to adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s directives about battery care and charging. This determines your battery longevity. Make sure you keep your battery state of charge between 20% and 80%. Leaving the battery at a low state of charge and constantly charging the battery full will cause it to degrade more quickly. However, if you are going on a long trip, you can charge the battery to full but don’t make it a habit. Always allow your battery to charge slowly; fast charging often degrades battery packs. Ultimately, avoid exposing your battery too hot temperatures. Both extremely cold and hot temperatures are harmful to your battery’s performance. Don’t leave your vehicle under the hot sun or extremely cold weather for several hours.


Electric vehicles use coolants to cool EV vital components like inverters, battery packs, chargers, and more to prevent overheating. To maintain the cooling system efficiency, you may also need infrequent coolant flushes or refrigerant recharge. You may want to check the ECARMAS electric vehicle owner’s manual to know the recommended interval for completing this service on your electric vehicle.


ECARMAS Electric Vehicles come with regenerative braking systems that use motor resistance to slow the car and return energy to the battery. However, electric vehicles have brake friction like regular gas-powered vehicles, but EV friction brakes often last longer. It is advisable to always replace your EV brakes after traveling well over 100,000 miles. However, there are rare cases of electric vehicle owners who have traveled over 200,000 miles and have never had to service their brakes.

Tire Maintenance Is Same As Normal Fuel Car


To keep EV tires in good condition, it’s essential to engage in tire rotation every 5000 – 10000 miles. Also, check the air of the tire to be sure they are well balanced and aligned. It’s also crucial to note that EV tires also wear out like regular cars”. So, it’s best to get spare tires specifically designed for ECARMAS electric vehicles. These tires are often quieter and last longer than traditional tires.


During the duration of your ownership of an electric vehicle, you might need to change your EV multi-speed transmission fluid. This also helps in maintaining your EV. To determine the recommended interval to carry out the change, consult your EV owner’s manual.

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