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Ecarmas, a company not new and old. Through long term hard work, it has established a firm system of sales and after-sale service. Our sole purpose is to happy our customers. Since we know how important our customers to us!

Golf carts

Golf carts are our most important and featured products. We have different seats for your choices: 2 seat, 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats etc.

Our electric products line are as: golf carts, resort cars, police patrolling wagons, classic cars,street sweepers,hunting buggiesutility cars and UTV/ATV etc.

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Golf Carts

Also known as a Resort Cart, Golf Carts gained popularity in the mid-20th century as a convenient way to get around on a golf course. Since that time, they have developed into a popular transportation method for a variety of recreational activities and widely used at resorts, theme parks, and special communities built specifically with Golf Cart roads. Great for time out with family and friends, this specific vehicle can hold from 2 up to 8 passengers and can travel up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge.

ECARMAS’ golf carts have the following  characters: high climbing ability, large capacities, OEM for your any requests.

The price of a golf cart can be very differently, depending on several factors. These factors may include whether or not a fleet of carts is being purchased for a golf course or a country club.

For example, and whether the carts are new or used. Other factors may include options such as equipment requirements, and how many people the cart is meant to transport. With the rise in popularity of golf carts, many golf clubs or country clubs offer storage and energy options to golf cart owners.

This has led to the modification of golf carts to suit use at the particular golf course. Typical modification includes windshields, ball cleaners, cooler trays, upgraded motor or speed controller (to increase speed and/or torque), and lift kits.

Resort Cars

Resort Cars, or Sightseeing Cars, are used primarily to optimize travel in locations such as airports, train stations, hotels, schools, and scenic spots. These models are especially useful for providing comfortable and easy transportation for multiple passengers.

ECARMAS’ resort cars with: 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats etc. Various colors for your choices, high climbing abilities etc.  Our more than 10 technicians help you to OEM your carts. Also we have car’s video for your reference if you need

The history of tour cars in North America began in the early 20th century when trucks were converted to provide a means for sightseeing within large American cities. Gray Line, the largest sightseeing operators began operations in 1910. Sightseeing was likely a side business for many intercity bus operators because the same types of buses were used (this remains true even today). World War II saw the industry decline, but it slowly re-emerged as an alternative to driving.

Many musicians, entertainers, dancing crews and bands travel in sleeper cars, commonly referred to as “tour cars”. While most if not all of the buses and coaches listed above are for commercial applications, there are many coaches manufactured for personal use as motor homes. These cars based motor homes are considered the top end of the RV market.

Electric vehicles, resort car, sightseeing car, shuttle cart, cart manufacturer, yellow color resort car, electric cart
ECARMAS electric classic car, resort car, shuttle car, utility vehicles
Classic Cars

Modern battery technology meets classic design in the electronic Classic Car models. Inspired by the popular cars of yesteryear, these electronic models give a modern twist on old classics, providing not only the latest in fuel efficient battery operation, but also a stylish appeal. With the ability to hold up to 8 passengers, these classic designs are perfect for eco-friendly consumers who are attracted to a vintage design, but still want the versatility of an electronic vehicle.

ECARMAS’ classic cars have the following characters; 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats etc. We also can OEM for your carts, since we have more than 10 technicians in our factory. With its’ high climbing ability, large capacities, we have already gained more than 12 countries’ customers from the world.

These vehicles are generally older, ranging from 15 to 25 years, but are usually not accepted as classics according to the Antique Automobile Club of America.

In the UK the Modern Classic definition is open to the discretion often by Insurance Brokers and Insurance Companies who regard a Modern Classic as a vehicle that is considered collectible regardless of age. The usage of the vehicle limited to recreational purposes and/or restricted mileage is also taken into account.

Patrol Wagons

With more and more cities becoming eco-friendly, the electronic Patrol Wagon is a popular transportation tool for safety and security. Quiet and street friendly, this vehicle can hold from 2 up to 8 passengers, with all the same features of a regular security vehicle, including a flashing blue and red light bar.

ECARMAS’ police patrol wagons are mostly used in airports, stations, schools, scenic spots, hotels, exhibitions, parks, vocational villages, pedestrian street etc.

A police car is a ground vehicle used by police, to assist with their duties in patrolling and responding to incidents. Typical uses of a police car include transportation for officers to reach the scene of an incident quickly, to transport suspects, or to patrol an area, while providing a high visibility deterrent to crime.

Some police cars are specially adapted for certain locations (e.g. work on busy roads) or for certain operations (e.g. to transport police dogs or bomb squads).

Electric police car, police patrol car in China
Ecarmas electric road sweeping car manufacturer in China, road sweeper equipment with cheap price
Street Sweepers

An environmentally conscious design enables Street Sweeping Cars to clean public areas without leaving a carbon footprint behind. Available in a variety of widths to suit unique city streets, the Street Sweeping Car comes with a built in dust control system and internal spray technology to ensure effective cleaning power.

ECARMAS’ street sweepers have different widths for your choices, such as 1250mm widths, 1750mm widths, 2200mm width etc. The sweepers always uses in pedestrian streets, cities, public places etc.

A street sweeper or street cleaner may refer to either a person’s occupation, or a machine that cleans streets. A street sweeper cleans the streets, usually in an urban area.

Street sweepers have been employed in cities since sanitation and waste removal became a priority. A street-sweeping person would use a broom and shovel to clean off litter, animal waste and filth that accumulated on streets. Later, water hoses were used to wash the streets.

Utility Vehicles

Electric Utility Vehicles perform a number of uses and tend to serve the general public in some way. Utility vehicles include the Cargo Car, typically used for transporting luggage and cargo in airports, train stations, and other travel based locations; the Hunting Buggy, perfect for hunting enthusiasts; the Emergency Cart, used by hospitals and clinics; the Fire Truck, which enhances firefighting capabilities; and the Engineering Cart, designed for rail track travel. These vehicles on average can travel for a distance of up to 62 miles (100 kilometers) on a single charge.

ECARMAS’ utility cars cars are mainly: emergency carts, food transferring carts and hunting carts etc.

For example, ambulance emergency cart, (also known by a variety of local names including fly-car and variations on response vehicle), is an emergency medical service (EMS) vehicle that responds to emergencies, but is not designed to transport a patient.

For patients whose condition requires transport (e.g. to a hospital), an ambulance is necessary.

Low speed electric vehicles, utility cars, electric cargo cart with cheap price supplier from China, electric luggage cart manufaccturer
Electric van, utility trucks, electric truck, utility vehicles, heavy electric vehicle, cargo car, cargo truck, electric truck supplier, China electric van
Electric Trucks/Vans

Most popular for use in industrial settings, the electronic Large Utility Vehicle focuses on transporting goods rather than people. At a company level it works great for moving industrial products, cargo, and garbage, but can also serve as a personal home moving vehicle.

Large electric trucks(also named electric van)play a very important role in the transportation. It delivers goods, luggage, cargoes etc. It mostly used at off road: for resort, for scenic spots, which bring great convenience to the people especially for the off road areas. Our electric trucks have two kinds: with and without doors. Both kinds are very popular and good enough for your choices!



Such kind of vehicle are specially used for agriculture, it is also called utility terrain vehicle. With it’s big and high wear- resisting tires, and it’s oil powered motors, it is suitable for all kind of agricultural usage. The cargo box behind the car is also very suitable for storing tools and harvesting. 


Such kind of vehicles are specially designed for special ground conditions, for example: very steep and sharp road, grail roads etc. It also called  all terrain vehicle. It also can be used for hunting in the world. For more details, contact us to check the cheap ATV manufacturer from China. change this text.

UTV, ATV, utility vehicle , ECARMAS, cheap UTV, cheap ATV, China UTV, China ATV, better ATV

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Testimonials from our costumer 

Portugal Tickri

“Hi, I am Tickri Zoe from Portugal, Since 2013, our company worked with Ecarmas, their high quality control systems and in time delivery of carts make me feel much releived. I love their excellent Jobs, the most important-after-sale service is really a thumb-up, will go on be with them”—-Wonder Roll Ldaa

Ecarmas also welcome your any testimonial or comment,it will be displayed to our website regularly, in order to help and benefit all of you. Thank you for your support!

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We supply the following vehicles: Electric shuttles, electric trams and multi-passenger shuttle trailers, and we also provide cost-effective options for moving guests, visitors, VIP’s and staff around your low-speed environment, resorts, convention centers, airport or campuses. For decades, administrators and managers have sought a better solution for transportation that could still carry a significant number of passengers when needed. As an environmentally friendly alternative, ECARMAS electric trams are quieter, cleaner and passengers enjoy being transported without having to endure the odor or noise of gasoline-powered vehicles. If your needs include protection from the weather or other environmental elements, our fully-enclosed electric shuttles  are perfect for longer tours or continuous runs to and from parking areas.

ECARMAS is a full service supplier of our electric carts. With a customer-focused sales team, fully stocked parts and accessories department, factory-trained technicians and full service department, we are your one-stop electric vehicle supplier from China.

So don’t hesitate to contact us to design your electric cars at: info@ecarmas.com; gyan@ecarmas.com.