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From Disney to Cancun, Rome to Bali, different travel destination call for different approaches.  The last thing you want, though, is to be stranded in idle waiting or moving around to key locales at a snail’s pace.  It is for this reason that sometimes complimentary buses and shuttles are not always the best method of transportation around resorts.  You may want to consider renting your own resort car the next time you plan your vacation.

What’s better than free?

You may be thinking: why should I ever pay for transportation when it is included for free with shuttles and buses that travel between all the major theme park locations or vacation hotspots?  Look at Disney, for example, they have monorails, buses, and shuttles that continuously run like any metropolitan city would have.  In fact, if you are staying in any Universal Orlando Resort Hotel, you can get free transportation to any of their major attractions, too.

Why rent a resort car?

The biggest reason to get a resort car is to never have to wait on anyone to get you to where you need to go.  The complimentary transportation is often reliable and quick, however, they still have to follow a schedule and you still need to wait a few minutes to go anywhere.

Another big problem with relying on shuttles and buses is that you’re stuck inside the parks and resorts.  You will need to do a lot of walking or taxi renting to go anywhere outside the boundaries of your destination, which is a shame since there are often a lot of cool restaurants and bars that surround tourist-heavy areas.

Last, but not least, is the privacy factor of relying on parks and public transportation.  You will undoubtedly be cramped next to other sweaty strangers, your inner-circle banter won’t be as loud and obnoxious as you like it, and you won’t get to blast the radio with your favorite tunes while arriving to your destination.

Why not both?

Who says you can’t rent a resort car and still use the complimentary transportation whenever you feel like it?  If the buses are running slow or you just don’t feel like driving that day, you can have the choice.  If the family wants to split up, you have that freedom to do so, which is more likely than not to happen during your trips.

Renting a car isn’t all that expensive at resorts, if you happen to plan in advanced and catch a good deal.  If you’re travel-savvy, you can get away with $15/day rentals or even FREE rentals, excluding cost of gas.  The best way to guarantee the best deals is to start researching online for your trip and comparing the resort offerings.  Then, you’ll want to call them up and see if they can offer you any deals for reserving car rentals with your stay.  That’s the best way to lock up the resort car that you prefer.


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