Electric Shuttle Trams

Having a dependable means of transportation around a large property or business is something that cannot be compromised on.  When you have to spend precious capital on things like engine tune-ups and gasoline on a frequent basis, it can really slow down the growth of a business.  With electric shuttle trams, you can cut the costs, while also providing an eco-friendly solution to a common problem.

Electric shuttle trams include everything from golf carts to multi-passenger vehicles that are used to move teams of people around properties with large complexes.  Electric shuttle trams are especially useful for moving customers from point A to B.  They’re safe, convenient, comfortable, and affordable for any business, big or small.


A Better Solution

In the past, transportation for short distances just wasn’t feasible or economical, as your choice was to invest in a mini-van or multiple gas carts to move a lot of people at once.  These solutions were both costly and/or not very comfortable.  They make a lot of noise, smell of related motor oils/gasoline.

Electric shuttle trams can also be custom-made for protection against the outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, or heat.  This makes for great safari opportunities and tour guide vehicles.  Riding in open electric shuttle trams gives visitors a much more engaging and memorable experience on your properties, even when they aren’t on official tours.  These vehicles do a great service to your PR without needing to invest in some elaborate campaign.

Because electric shuttle trams cannot reach very high top speeds, they are inherently safer on roads in business complexes, campuses, theme parks, and so forth.  There is a much lower risk of accidental crashes or whiplash.  Electric shuttle trams are also great payload transporters, because of these reasons.  Get the supplies you need, to and from your location by attaching a trailer to the back.

Investing in the Future

The results are in: people are demanding greener, safer, sportier, and more convenient means of transportation around the country.  Let your guests feel the freedom of movement like they do with services like Uber and Lyft in your establishment.  Give them the on-demand ability to get up and go with an electric shuttle tram, rather than standing around or wasting time walking everywhere.  Even if the distance isn’t unreasonable, the ability to save the client or consumer more time out of their day is a valuable branding opportunity that cannot be underestimated. 

ECARMAS supplies you the following electric vehicles:

Electric golf cart:

Electric leisure vehicle

Electric street sweeper:

Electric police car:

Electric cargo van:

Utility vehicle, etc.

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