Ecarmas golf cart, club car, resort car, cart for villa, patrol car

Model No
Trojan batteries
Delt Q onboard charger/offboard charger
Continuously variable
Overall Size
Ground clearance
Tread distance
Net weight
2 persons
Forward speed
Braking distance
Turning radius
Climbing ability
safe climbing:25%/Max climbing:35%
Maximum mileage

Golf carts maintenance tips

Washing your golf carts
  1. Use a professional auto wash liquid and very soft clean sponge.  Don’t use dish washing detergent laundry soap or other cleansers not designed for automotive finishes. 
  2. Wash under the front cowl, fenders and bottoms of batteries. Waxing is a good idea from time to time.  Don’t use a wax that has abrasive compounds.  Be sure not to get wax on the rubber trim (a white residue will appear).
  3. Don’t use wax on the steering wheel (too slippery).  Use a very soft, clean t-shirt type fabric to avoid scratching.  
  4. Clean your windshield using water only.  Don’t dry it with a cloth of any type.  Never use ammonia-based products on windshields or plastic.
  5. Seats can be cleaned with a diluted solution of cleaner (for stubborn stains you can use lacquer thinner sparingly).
golf cart:
Great for time out with family and friends, this specific vehicle can hold from 2 up to 8 passengers and can travel up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) on a single charge which is also called, golf cart, club car, club cart, golf buggy, buggy, caddy cart, golf caddy, recreational car, recreational vehicles, cheap golf cart, resort car, low speed vehicle, electric buggy.

ECARMAS electric cart color choice

A standarded 20’ft container
35 days for formal orders
T/T or LC at sights

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