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Police patrol wagon

Which is the most popularly used for border security patrol.  With electric motor, it more environmental, no pollution. Low speed, high quality. 
For our police patrol wagon, you can customize it fully according to your requests, that is, the police patrol wagon is only for your style, it is the sole one for you in the world.
ECARMAS electric security vehicles help emergency responders accomplish their tasks safely and efficiently. Our 2 to 8 seats security vehicles allows transport of injured persons on a secure stretcher with a medical professional seated alongside them. Our patrol vehicles can travel 50 miles on one charge, and have accessories to keep patrol officers comfortable. The electric emergency vehicles can be custom decorated to match your existing fleet. ECARMAS also offers a wide range of service vehicles you can use to quietly move parts and labor throughout the facility. Our security vehicles may be especially useful in all kinds of  off road areas where workers need to reach high places safely.
For more information about how our electric security vehicles for amusement parks can help improve your staff’s efficiency and safety, visit ECARMAS Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for theme parks, golf courses, airports, train stations, resorts etc.
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