ECARMAS electric road sweeper, electric road sweeper machine, electric street sweeper, electric road sweeping machinery, sweeping machinery

Model No
2500*1600*1900 // 2500*1600*1400
Weight (with battery)
580 // 550
Motor Power
Running speed
Cleaning width
Work Efficiency
10500 m²/h
Cleaning Efficiency
97 %
Main Brush Width
Side Brush diameter
Turning Radius
Dust filter area
Dustbin capacity
Maximum cleaning granule
Water tank capacity
Charging time
Working hour
Climbing capability
36V 18A

How street sweeper works(Part One)?

Street sweeper are a vital part of any city’s sanitation service. The machines are used to remove trash, debris, dirt, leaves, and litter from streets, avenues, and roadways. Street sweepers are also considered effective in helping to control run-off pollutants that cling to dust particles.
Industrial sweeping machines are used in factories and warehouses and in parking lots for regular cleaning and to clean up breakage and spills.
There are many types of sweeping machines, but most operate with a heavy bristled brush that sweeps debris in the projected path of a vacuum, squeegee, or conveyor that moves the dirt into a tank or bin for later disposal.
“Mechanical broom sweepers” are the large workhorses that are commonly seen on city streets. These machines will pick up heavy and embedded dirt and leaves. Regenerative air sweepers also use two brushes which push dirt and trash in front of a “pick-up head”. These are generally used for medium duty work.

ECARMAS electric cart color choice

A standarded 20’ft container
35 days for formal orders
T/T or LC at sights

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